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Attribute Types

What is an Attribute Type?

An Attribute Type is a non-text field on an Improvement or Project that is used to categorize and classify improvement work. Each Attribute Type is divided into various Attributes which can be assigned to Projects and Improvements.


You can create an Attribute Type you want. You can even customize which Attribute Types are displayed on each Project and Improvement Type.


Some common Attribute Types used by our customers include strategic initiative, priority, stage, and category.


Reach out to your Customer Success lead to take advantage of this configuration.

How can I customize the Attribute Types?

  1. Name and description
    Each Type must be assigned a name and you have the option of adding a description.

  2. Column Attributes
    You can have up to two Column Attributes in KaiNexus. A Column Attribute is displayed on the List View of a list of Projects or Improvements.

    This is helpful for information that you want people to be able to see quickly without having to open up each item.

    In the above example, the two Column Attributes are "Priority" and "Status." As you can see, they are featured on the Improvement List View.

  3. On which Improvement and Project Types should it appear? 
    You can control whether the Attribute Type will be displayed on a certain Project or Improvement Type.


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