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Customer blog

As you may know, our continuous improvement blog has really been picking up steam over the last couple of years. With a wide range of readers in every industry, at every stage of the improvement journey, and with mixed feelings and experience with improvement technology, we try to keep the KaiNexus speak to a minimum.

We've heard from a bunch of you, though, that you'd be interested in a blog that focuses in on KaiNexus.

We heard you!

So, introducing: the KaiNexus Customer Blog!

Check out our Customer Blog for posts tailored to KaiNexus users, including:

  • Best practices for using KaiNexus

  • How to be more productive in the system

  • Recommended use cases

  • Customer stories

  • New features

  • And so much more!


Click here to go to the KaiNexus Customer Blog and start reading!


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