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Add a Report to a Board

If you want to get a quick view of a Report as soon as you log in, consider adding the Report directly to your default Board.


Which Reports can I add to a Board?

The following Reports can be added to any Board:

  • Submission vs Completion

  • Engagement Summary

  • Impact Summary

  • User Engagement by Role


How do I add a Report to a Board?

To add a Report to a Board:


  • Click next to the blue Board picker.

  • Click .

In the resulting window:

  • Choose which Report you want to add:

    • Submission vs Completion: Display the number of submitted versus completed Improvements.

    • Engagement Summary: Track how engaged your users are in KaiNexus.

    • Impact Summary: Measure the impact of completed Improvements over time and across locations. Get visibility into the overall change rate and impact types, which measures the percentage of Improvements resulting in an impact.

    • Location Engagement Board: See how many people are engaged in each Improvement roles (Author, Responsible, Assigner, and Collaborator) and Project roles (Sponsor, Facilitator, Leader, and Participant).

  • Give the Card a name.

  • Choose which filters will be included:

    • Date Range: Choose whether to show information from the last week, 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, all time, or a custom date range.

    • Project-Based vs. Stand-Alone: The Submission vs. Completion Report and the Impact Summary Report allow you to choose whether to include all Improvements (“All”), only those which are part of a Project (“Project-Based”), or only those which are not part of a Project (“Stand-Alone”).

  • Filter by location:

    • By default, data from your whole organization will be included on this Report.

    • If you only want to see information from a certain location or locations (e.g. those locations which you manage), add each of those locations to the “Location(s)” field.

  • Click .



Working with Report Cards:

You can edit a Report Card just like any other Card:

  • Click on the Card you want to edit, then click .

  • In the resulting window, you can edit:

    • Which Report is on the Card.

    • The name of the Card.

    • Which filters are included on the Card.

    • Which locations’ data is included on the Card.


You can move a Report Card around on a Board just like any other Card:

  • Click and hold the Card’s header.

  • Drag and drop it in the preferred spot on the Board.

    If you’re moving it to an occupied column, all Cards in that column will move down one space.

You can resize a Report Card just like any other Card:

  • Click  on the Card you want to resize, then click .

  • Adjust the value in the “Height” field to adjust the height of the Card.


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