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Scheduled maintenance noon on Saturday, July 30th central time (17:00 GMT)

Just as KaiNexus keeps getting better and more powerful, our infrastructure is following suit. We will be doing some necessary maintenance on our infrastructure to move the application to more powerful servers.
When will KaiNexus be unavailable?
We have scheduled this outage during a time when system usage is historically the lowest as to minimize the impact it has on our users. We will be taking the application off-line at noon on Saturday, July 30th central time (17:00 GMT).  
How long will KaiNexus be down?
The migration should take less than 2 hours. We anticipate having everything back on-line by 2pm US central time (19:00 GMT).
What will have changed when the maintenance is complete?
You will not be able to see any differences in the system - all the improvements we're making are behind the scenes.
All your improvement work will be exactly as you left it and your login information will not have changed.
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