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Copy a Board

If you want to make a new Board that is largely based on an existing one, you wouldn’t want to recreate the whole Board just to make a few changes. Instead, you should copy the existing Board and tweak the copy as you see fit.

How do I copy a Board?

  • Open the Board you want to copy.

  • Click  at the top right of the Board.

  • Click “Yes” in the resulting window.

  • You will be automatically taken to the new Board.


What will my new Board look like?

  • It will be a private Board. That means that only you will have access to it and that the public Board settings from the original Board (such as restricted viewership or additional editors) will be lost.

  • It will become a top-level Board - no Boards will be nested beneath it.

  • Charts and X-Matrix Cards will not be copied.


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