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Report filters

Many of the same filters you see when filtering a list of Improvements have been added to the following Reports:

  • Submission vs. Completion

  • Statuses

  • User Activity Board

  • Location Activity Board

  • Impact Summary

  • User Impact Board

  • Location Impact Board

  • Improvement Impact Board

  • Project Impact Board


For detailed information on each of the Reports in general, check out this support page.

How do I use these filters?

  • Open the Report you want to filter.

  • Click   near the top of the Report.

You can filter by any of the following qualifiers:


  • Type(s): Select about which type(s) of Improvement you’d like to see information.

  • User(s): Select each user for whom you’d like to see associated data.

  • Role(s): This option appears if you have filtered by user(s). Select the role(s) you would like to be filled by the selected users. You may choose any combination of Author, Responsible, Assigner, Collaborator, or Follower for Improvement-based Reports, or Sponsor, Leader, Facilitator, Participant, or Follower, for Project-based Reports.

  • Additional: Select any additional qualifiers; you may choose between Flagged, Honor Roll, Scheduled for Review, Private, Reopened, Liked by Me, or any combination of the six.

  • Project(s): Select the Projects whose Improvements you would like to see.

    If you want to see all Improvements that are part of a Project, select "Any." If you don't want to see any Improvements that are part of a Project, select "None."

  • Advanced:

    • Attributes:  Filter by any of your organization’s Attributes.

    • Outcome: Choose whether to see data for Improvements resulting in a Change or No Change.

    • Reason: Select the No Change reason(s) for which you’d like each Improvement for which data is returned to have.

    • Impact: Select the Impact types for which you’d like each Improvement for which data is returned to have.

    • Keyword: Enter a keyword that you’d like to have included in each Improvement for which data is returned.

    • Bottleneck: A bottleneck is a constraint on workflow that reduces the efficiency and capacity of that workflow. It’s important that you’re able to find these bottlenecks so that you can work to improve the process.

      The common bottlenecks in KaiNexus are when an item is new and hasn’t been assigned, when it is overdue and hasn’t been resolved, when it hasn’t been updated, and when a Resolution has been submitted but not approved.

      Pick any combination of bottlenecks and a new field will appear in which you can enter the date range. For example, if you only want to see items that have not been updated in more than a week, you would pick “More than 7 days.”

    • Milestone: Milestones are a configurable workflow that has been overlayed on top of Improvements and Projects. NOTE: This field will not be visible if your organization has no milestones.

      Pick any combination of milestones and a new field will appear in which you can specify which status those milestones should be in. Your options are "Not Ready for Approval," "Ready for Approval," and "Approved."


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