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Customize qualitative Impact Types

When resolving an Improvement that resulted in a change, you can choose between the various Impact Types created by your organization.

The qualitative Impact Types - quality, safety, satisfaction, environment, and health - can be configured to ask certain questions of the person resolving an Improvement. Reach out to your Customer Experience lead to take advantage of this feature.

How can I customize the qualitative Impact Types?

  1. Show Classification:
    Ask how the resolver would classify the Impact. They can choose between “Minor,” “Moderate,” and “Significant.”

  2. Show Notes:
    Add an optional “notes” field where the resolver can add any details or information they think valuable.

  3. Show Occurrence Question:
    Display the  button. Clicking this button opens the list of occurrence questions.

    The resolver can enter how many times per [time period] this has happened in the past and how many times per [time period] they believe this could happen in the future. They can also say whether this Improvement has decreased the chance of this happening again.


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