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Task Assignee

The Assignee is the person who has been made responsible for completing the Task.


What can the Assignee do?


Who can change the Assignee?


How do I change the Assignee?

For information on assigning a Task for the first time, check out this support page.

  • Open the Task with which you want to work.

  • Click  in the action bar.

  • Click .


In the resulting window:

  • In the Author field, click to open a drop-down menu containing a list of your most frequent selections.

    To search all users (not just your top choices), begin typing the user's name.

  • Click the user's name.

More fields will appear:

  • Choose whether you want to assign the Task or request someone's help.

  • Enter a start and end date.

  • (**Optional**) Enter a comment for the Assignee.

  • Change the Assigned By if you're assigning the Task on behalf of someone else.

  • Click 2017-06-28_1653.png.


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