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Quickly copy chart data from an Excel spreadsheet

If you've been storing data in an excel document and have decided to move it to KaiNexus to create a knowledge repository, you may have a ton of data to migrate. Rather than enter each data point manually, copy it into KaiNexus one column at a time.


To add data to an existing Chart:

Open the Chart in KaiNexus.

  • Open the Data tab.

  • Click .

  • Follow the instructions below.

To add data to a new Chart:

Open the New Chart window anywhere in KaiNexus.

Choose between using dates and categories along the horizontal axis by clicking next to the “Date” column. Then, follow the instructions below.


Regardless of which steps you followed, you should now:

  • Click  and enter the name and color of your data series, specifying which type of chart you want to use and which y-axis it should follow.

    For more information on this process, check out this support page.

  • Repeat the previous step as many times as necessary.


  • Click  in the top right corner.

    • If you’re working with dates:

      • Enter a start date, an end date, and a step unit (day, week, or month). This will determine how many rows are added.

    • If you’re working with categories:

      • Enter the number of rows you want to add.

  • Go to the Excel spreadsheet containing your data:

    • Select an entire column of data - except for any headings. Click "Copy" or hit ctrl+c to copy the data.

  • Go back to the Chart window in KaiNexus and click in the first data box in the corresponding column.

    • Either right click and then click “Paste” or type ctrl+v to paste the data.

  • Repeat the previous steps as many times as necessary to copy each column of data into KaiNexus.

  • Click "Save Changes."


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