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Copy a Project

You can now make a copy of a Project. This is perfect for when you are doing the same Project in a bunch of different locations. Our customers doing Strategy deployment will love this!


Who can copy a Project?

To copy a Project, you must:

  • Be able to access/see the Project.

  • Have permission to create that type of Project.

If the Project is part of another Project, you must be a member of that parent Project.


What happens when I clone a Project?

  • The Project copy will be given the “New” status.

  • You will be made a  Facilitator.

The following information will be copied:

  • Title

  • Parent Project

  • Fields

  • Attachments

  • Links

  • Charts

  • Whether the Project is Private or not


You can copy a Project’s nested Projects, Improvements, or Tasks

When copying a Project, you have the option of copying all of its nested Tasks, Projects, and Improvements as well.

NOTE: Only Improvements and Projects nested directly under this Project will be copied. That is, an Improvement nested under a Project nested under the Project you are copying will not be copied.

  • Copied Improvements will be moved into the draft status with the copier entered as the Author

  • Copied Projects will be moved into the new status with the copier entered as the Facilitator

  • Copied Tasks will be moved into the new status with the copied entered as the Author.


How do I copy a Project?

To clone a Project:

  • Click  in the action bar.

  • Click .

  • In the resulting window, enter the name of the copy in the “Name” field, and/or check the box next to “Include Copies of Tasks” to copy its Tasks.

  • Click 2017-04-28_1614.png.

The new Project will be created and opened.


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