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Understanding the Reports Snapshot

Get an overview of every aspect of your organization’s improvement culture in the Reports Snapshot.


  • Improvement, Project, Task, and Incident (if the Incident Add-On is active for your organization) Status Bars: See the statuses of all items submitted in the selected time period: new, overdue, planned, active, resolution submitted, completed, and deferred.

    Pro Tip: Clicking any of the colored bars on this page will open a list of all those items Improvements
    submitted within the set time period that currently hold that status.

  • The Snapshot gives insight into the activity, engagement, and impact of all Improvements completed during the selected time period.


The Locations Sidebar

Every KaiNexus Report, including the Snapshot, includes a location sidebar along the left side. This allows you to filter by location in your Reports. (If you don’t select any locations, the entire organization will be included by default.)

  • Use the search box to look for a specific location.

  • Click  to filter results by Level Types (e.g. departments, hospitals, factories, etc.).

    • Once you've chosen at least one Level Type, a new icon - 2018-02-22_1246.png - will appear alongside that field. Click this icon to quickly select all Locations of that Type.

  • Click "Expand" to view the whole organization in the location sidebar.

  • Click "Collapse" to display only the top levels of your organization.

  • Click   at the bottom of the sidebar to hide it. Click  to expand it.


Pro Tip: To select multiple locations, hold down the ctrl key while clicking on each location. To select all locations in a range, hold down the shift key while clicking the first location in the range and then the last location in the range.


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