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Understanding the Reports Snapshot

Get an overview of every aspect of your organization’s improvement culture in the Reports Snapshot.


  • Improvement, Project, Task, and Incident (if the Incident Add-On is active for your organization) Status Bars: See the statuses of all items submitted in the selected time period: new, overdue, planned, active, resolution submitted, completed, and deferred.

    Pro Tip: Clicking any of the colored bars on this page will open a list of all those items Improvements
    submitted within the set time period that currently hold that status.

  • The Snapshot gives insight into the activity, engagement, and impact of all Improvements completed during the selected time period.


The Locations Sidebar

Every KaiNexus Report, including the Snapshot, includes a location sidebar along the left side. This allows you to filter by location in your Reports. (If you don’t select any locations, the entire organization will be included by default.)

  1. Use the search box to look for a specific location.

  2. Click  to filter results by Level Types (e.g. departments, hospitals, factories, etc.).

  3. Click "Expand" to view the whole organization in the location sidebar.

  4. Click "Collapse" to display only the top levels of your organization.

  5. Click   at the bottom of the sidebar to hide it. Click  to expand it.


Pro Tip: To select multiple locations, hold down the ctrl key while clicking on each location. To select all locations in a range, hold down the shift key while clicking the first location in the range and then the last location in the range.


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