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April 11, 2016 Release Notes

New Features


Complete Release Notes


  • If the Responsible Person does not have permission to finalize the Resolution, they can no longer edit it after it has been approved.
  • Sort the user list in the People and the admin sections by multiple Network Locations or Roles.
  • We improved the way you filter a list of users in the People and admin sections.
  • If you filter a list of Improvements to include only active items, overdue items will no longer be displayed. To display overdue items, you must filter by the overdue status.
  • There is now a Location Engagement Report that tracks user engagement in each location.
  • When creating a run chart, you can specify whether you want to display a dot where each data point is.
  • You can now easily add the default text back into your Project tooltips.
  • When bulk editing users’ statuses, an activation email is sent to all edited users that have never activated their accounts.
  • Various smaller actions on Improvements, Projects, and Tasks will no longer generate an immediate email to anyone on the team. A notice will still be included in each person’s digest.
  • When your filters change, the page count will reset.
  • The wording of the action bar option to edit a Project’s end date was updated.
  • The formatting of a Task’s parent was improved in the list view.
  • An information icon was added to the multiple locations window when submitting an Improvement.
  • If you cannot change the order in which a list is displayed, you will no longer see the grayed out “Sort Ascending/Descending” options.



  • Excel exports now include location data.
  • A bug was fixed which prevented some digests from being sent.
  • A bug was fixed which caused the wrong user count to be displayed.
  • The Timelines’ formatting can now handle double quotes in users’ names.
  • A bug was fixed which caused Charts to display a value of zero after the original value was cleared.
  • A bug was fixed which caused the “All” option to not update a user’s impact Report.
  • Clicking a value on certain Charts opens a list of Improvements meeting that criteria; this list now uses the proper date range.
  • A bug was fixed which caused Nested Projects in the tree view to not expand when clicking on the Projects tab.
  • Creating a custom list or Card when filtering a list of Improvements or Projects will no longer create duplicate items.
  • A bug was fixed which caused a Project’s status to be intermittently hidden.
  • Excel exports can now handle the presence of a slash (/) and other special characters in the data.
  • Assigning an Improvement will no longer reset the authored date.
  • A bug was fixed which made it impossible to open the level type drop-down menu in the Reports snapshot.
  • A bug was was fixed which caused Tasks with flags to randomly fail to open.
  • Switching quickly between Projects will no longer cause the wrong nested items to be listed.
  • Clicking on a private Project in the tree view will no longer cause the text to change color.
  • A bug was fixed which caused the User Engagement by Role to look strange on certain monitors.
  • A bug was fixed which caused the edit Resolution button to not be displayed in the reopened status.


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