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How do I add a KaiNexus shortcut to my desktop?

A lot of our customers like to add a link to their KaiNexus login page to their computer and workstation desktops so that employees can access it with just a click.


How do I add a KaiNexus shortcut to my desktop?

  • Go to your organization’s unique login page - it’s something like yourorganization.kaienxus.com.

  • Highlight the web address.

  • Right-click the address and click “Copy” or press ctrl + c.

  • Right-click on the desktop and scroll over “New.”

  • Click “Shortcut” or “Link” - which text you see depends on your system.

A screenshot of the Window's desktop menu. The 'New' option has been selected so that its submenu is open. The 'Shortcut' option is highlighted in that submenu. All other options have been grayed out.

  • Enter the web address in the resulting window by right-clicking in the address field and clicking “Paste” or by pressing ctrl + v.

  • Click “Next.”

  • Enter the name of the shortcut (e.g. “KaiNexus Login”)

  • Click “Finish.”

A new icon will be added to your desktop. Clicking this icon will open your KaiNexus homepage in your default browser.


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