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The People section

The Basics

Click "People"
 in the left navigation bar.

To open a person’s profile, click their name.

Pro Tip: Inactive users are not included on this list by default. If you're looking for an inactive user, adjust the filters to include those users.

Click  at the bottom of the screen to export the current list of people as an Excel spreadsheet.


How do I search the list of users?

Use the search box to look up users based on their email, username, or name.


How else can I filter the list of users?

1) Filter by location

The People page includes a location sidebar along the left side. This allows you to filter people by location. If you don’t select any locations, the entire organization will be included by default.

Pro Tip: To select multiple locations, hold down the ctrl key while clicking on each location.

To select multiple locations in a range, hold the shift key while click on the first and last location. In the example to the right, holding shift while clicking Certification Classes and then KaiNexus Business Systems while select Certification Classes, Committees, and KaiNexus Business Systems.

  • Use the search box to find a specific location.

  • Click  next to the "Search Locations" field to:

    • Filter results by Level Types.

    • Check  to display users in the locations you selected and all locations nested below them. Uncheck this option to display only users from the locations you selected.

  • Click  to view the whole organization in the location sidebar.

  • Click  to display only the top levels of your organization.

  • Click  to deselect all locations.

  • Click to collapse the sidebar. Click to expand the sidebar.


2) Filter by user attributes

Click  next to the "Search Users" field to open the filter window in which you can filter by:

  • Roles

  • Status - The filter includes the active, setup, and offline statuses by default. You can add the inactive status.

  • Titles

  • Positions

  • Employee Types

  • Certifications

  • Engagement - This filter lets you get an idea of which users are engaged, and to what extent they're involved with improvement work in KaiNexus.

    You can choose from users who have not logged in, have logged in, have not used the system (beyond logging on), have used the system, have not submitted an Improvement, and/or have submitted an Improvement.

  • Additional - Adding "Locked" to this filter returns a list of all users who are currently locked out of their account due to an expired password or too many failed login attempts.

Pro Tip: If you want to quickly send an email to all people in a list, you can export the list and then copy and paste the “Email” column into your email service.


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