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Search and filter the list of People

NOTE: If you’re a User Administrator and want to know more information on creating and editing users, check out this this support page.

How do I search the list of users?

Use the search box to look up users based on their email, username, or name.

NOTE: By default, Inactive Users are not included on this list. If you’re looking for an inactive user, be sure to check the box next to “Show Inactive”.


How can I filter the list of users?

Location Filters

The People section includes a Location filter sidebar along the left-hand side. This allows you to filter the list of People by Network Location. If you don’t select any Network Locations, the entire organization will be included by default.


PRO TIP: To select multiple Network Locations, hold down the ctrl key (PC) or command key (mac) while clicking on each Network Location.

To select multiple Network Locations in a range, hold the shift key while clicking on the first and last Network Location.

  • Use the search bar to type and find a specific Network Location.

  • Click the Columnsort.pngnext to “Level Type” to filter the results by a specific Level Type(s). AnUp_point_hand.png icon will appear. Click this icon to quickly select all Network Locations of that Level Type(s).

  • By default, the box next to “Location and Below” is checked which will display Users in the Network Locations you selected and all of the Network Locations nested below them. Uncheck this option to only display the Users from the Network Locations you selected.



  • Click Quick_Filters_Collapse_icon.pngto display only the top level(s) of your organization’s Network structure.

  • Click Quick_Filters_Expand_icon.pngto view all of the levels of your organization’s Network structure.


  • Click X_in_box.png to deselect all Network Locations - this button will appear next to the “Search Locations” field once you have selected at least one Network Location.

  • Click Expand_People_Location.png or Collapse_People_Location.png in the bottom right corner of the Location filter sidebar to expand or collapse the sidebar, respectively.

Advanced Filters 

To use the advanced filters:

  • Click the Advanced_filter.png in the top right corner of the People section.


  • In the resulting window:

    • Select any combination of User Attribute filters.

    • If you want to add this filtered list to a Board, check the box next to “Add to Board” in the bottom right corner of the “Filter Users” window.

      • If checked, two new fields will appear in place:

      • Enter the name of the Card in the “Card Name” field.

      • Select which Board this Card should be added to in the “Choose Board” field. NOTE: Only Boards to which you have permission to add Cards are available to you in this field.

    • If you want to create a new custom list accessible from the People section’s People list picker in the top left, check the box next to “Create New List” in the bottom right corner of the “Filter Users” window.

      • If checked, one new field will appear in place:

      • Enter the name of the new custom list in the “Name Your List” field.

  • When you’re done, click Save.png.



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