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Tooltip Customization

To get to this page, navigate to the Admin page by clicking  on the left sidebar menu, look under the System heading, and click "Tooltip Customization." The admin page is only accessible by administrators; only System Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page. 

Tooltips are explanations that appear when you hover over underlined text - in this case, the explanations appear when you hover over the names of any Team roles on an Improvement or Project's page, or when you hover over the  icon next to a role's name on the "Create," "Assign," or "Edit Team" windows.

If you find that people are getting confused over the different Projects and Improvement roles (such as Facilitators, Collaborators, and Followers), you might want to create a customized tooltip for each which explains the purpose and expectations of each role. 

Default Tooltips

Roles relating to Projects have default tooltips explaining the role's purpose, responsibilities, and what they'll be notified about built into the system, but you have the freedom to customize them as you see fit.

If you've customized those tooltips, you can replace what you've added with the default text by checking the box next to "Use Default" under the appropriate role. If you later want to customize the tooltip, you'll first need to uncheck that box.

NOTE: Roles relating to Improvements also have a "Use Default" checkbox, but there's no default text. Instead, checking this box will simply clear out any customized text you've added. That means that no tooltip will appear when people hover over those roles.


Customizing Tooltips

System administrators are able to create customized tooltips for the following roles in KaiNexus:

  • Responsible

  • Assigner

  • Author

  • Collaborator

  • Improvement Followers

  • Sponsors

  • Facilitators

  • Leaders

  • Participants

  • Project Followers

When you're done customizing the tooltips, click NOTE: You must log out and back into the system to see any changes you've made.


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