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Project Followers

What is a Follower?

Followers have no formal responsibility for the Project but they are kept in the loop and notified about any activity associated with it.

Anyone can follow any Project they can view.

The list of all of a Project’s followers is displayed in its Team section.


How do I follow a Project?

Open the Project you want to follow, then click 2018-04-12_1413.png at the bottom of the "Team" section.



How will I receive notifications for Projects I follow?

  • You’ll receive notifications in your digest.

  • Projects you follow will also be flagged for your attention when there’s an update. You can find these alerts in the notification screen.


How do I stop following a Project?

Open the Project you want to unfollow, then click 2018-04-12_1415.png at the bottom of the "Team" section.


What can Project Followers do?

Project Followers can:


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