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Restrict access to public Boards

While private Boards are visible only to their creator, public Boards are visible to the entire organization - unless you restrict access to them.

You might want to restrict access to a Public Board if, for instance, you only want your team to be able to see it.


How do I restrict the viewers of a public Board?

Whether you are creating a new Board or editing an existing Board: 

  • Make sure it is public.

  • In the "Restrict Viewing to" field, search for locations, individual users, and/or Roles that you would like to have access to the Board.

    People not in those locations, who don't have that Role, or who aren't listed will not be able to access the Board even if they have a direct link to it - unless that person is a Global Board Administrator. Global Board Administrators can access any public Board so long as they have a direct link to it.

    Pro Tip: If you didn't create the Board but are restricting access to it, be sure to include your own name in this field to keep your access.

To remove a user or location’s access to the Board, hover over their name so that it is highlighted blue and click .


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