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Project terms

  • Project – Projects in KaiNexus are often used for larger scope improvement efforts. They are typically top-down driven and often have multi-disciplinary teams which may include senior leaders, middle management, front-line staff, and subject matter and process improvement experts. Projects can be nested within Projects, and so are often used with strategy deployment.

  • Sponsors – Typically, someone higher up in the organization who is interested in the Project but has no direct responsibility for it.

  • Facilitators – The people managing the Project.

  • Leaders – Typically, the people managing the Improvements in the Project.

  • Participants – The people involved with the Project who are responsible for identifying and working on Improvements.

  • Status – The status of a Project indicates how far along in the implementation process it is. 

    • New - The Project has been submitted, but has not yet been given a start date.

    • Planned - This is an optional status. It is intended for Projects that are sure to be done at a future date. 

    • Active - The Project has been submitted and has reached its start date.

    • Overdue -  The active Project was not completed by its end date.

    • Completed - The Project has been closed. Improvements can no longer be submitted to the Project.

  • Start Date – The date on which work on the Project began.

  • End Date – The date on which work on the Project officially ended. No more Improvements can be added to a Project but work on existing Improvements may still be ongoing.

  • Project Comments – People can enter comments on the Project to log updates and communicate with other users. Comments are noted in the digest email, and can optionally be sent out in individual emails.

  • Attachments – Files that are saved as part of the Project so that all information about the work being done is stored in a single location. They can be used to store images, spreadsheets, project charters, and links to secure documents. All the basic file types are supported.

  • Links - Web or local addresses that are saved as part of the Project. They can be used to associate a specific web page, an online document, or even a local file with an Improvement or Project.


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