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Filter a list of Tasks

Anywhere you can see a list of Tasks, you have the ability to filter that list. That includes Tasks returned by quick filters in the Task section or Tasks returned by a Card.

To filter the Tasks returned by a quick filter:

  • Click  next to the Task search bar.

  • Click  to open the Filter Results window.


To filter the Tasks returned by a Card:

  • Click  on the Card.

  • Click .


You can filter by:

  • User: Select each user for whom you’d like to see associated Tasks. You may choose however many users you’d like. To see your Tasks, you can select "Current User."

  • Team: Select the role(s) you would like to be filled by the selected users. You may choose between Author, Responsible, Assigner, or any combination of the three.

  • Location: Select the locations for which you would like to see associated Tasks. You may choose however many locations you’d like. To see Tasks from your location, you can select “User’s Current Location.”

  • Status: Select the status(es) of the Tasks to be displayed. You may choose between New, Active, Complete, Planned, Deferred, or any combination of the five.

  • Additional: Select any additional qualifiers; you may choose between Flagged, Overdue, Reopened, Requested, or any combination of the four.

  • Parent: Select the Improvements or Projects whose Tasks you would like to see.

  • Parent Type: Select under which types of Projects or Improvements the returned Tasks should be nested.

  • You can sort by  ID, title, status, Responsible Person, authored date, due date, complete date, and last updated date, in ascending or descending order. 


When working with a list returned by a quick filter, you have 3 options for what you want to do with your filtered results:

  1. Click “Save and Apply” and you’ll get to see that list.

  2. Save and Apply while adding it to a board

    • Check “Add to Board.”

    • Name your Card anything you want.

    • Pick which Board onto which you want to place this list.

    • Click “Save & Apply.”

  3. Save and Apply while creating a new list:
    • Check “Create New List.”

    • Name your list anything you want. This list can now be selected when filtering your Tasks.

    • Click “Save & Apply.”


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