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Improvement Assigner

What is the Assigner?

The Assigner is a leader within the organization who has assigned an Improvement to someone, and may be required to approve the Resolution before the Improvement can be completed.


What can the Assigner do?


Who can change the Assigner?

  • Anyone who has the "Edit" permission for that Improvement's location.


How do I change the Assigner?


Click  next in the Team section.

In the resulting window:


  1. In the Assigned By field, opening the drop-down menu will reveal a list including yourself and your most frequent selections.

  2. Typing text in that field will search through all users (not just those top choices).

  3. In the resulting drop-down menu, select the correct user.

  4. Click "Save"

This change will be noted in the activity log, and both the former and new Assigner will be notified.


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