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Project timelines

The timeline is an audit trail that keeps track of every significant event that happens to an Improvement. It allows you to see who did what to an Improvement and when they did it.


How do I access the timeline?

  • Open the Improvement.

  • Click the Timeline tab.


What can I learn from the timeline?

  • An entry will be marked with a  if that entry is new. That way, you can always spot the recent updates quickly.

    The next time you look at that Improvement or when you refresh the screen, that icon will disappear.

  • If you want to see more entries, click "Show All" at the bottom of the timeline. To see only the recent entries, click "Show Less."

  • When you see an underlined item on the timeline, hover over it to reveal more detailed information.

    For example, if you hover over a notification about a comment, you will see the text of the comment.

  • If you hover over a notification about a change made to the Improvement, you will see the old information as well as the updated information.


Who can delete an entry from the timeline?

Anyone with the Project "Administrator" permission.


How do I delete a timeline entry?

If you delete a timeline entry, it will be removed from the timeline with no indication that it was ever there. This action cannot be undone.

To delete an entry, open the Project with which you want to work, then:

  • Hover over the timeline entry you want to delete.

  • Click 2017-08-10_1304.png to the right of the entry.

  • In the resulting window, click 2017-08-10_1547.png.


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