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What is a Role?

A Role is a collection of powers and permissions given to a User.  

NOTE: This page is referring to System Roles, not Team Roles. Team Roles have their own set of permissions specific to an individual Item.



A User can be assigned as many Roles as appropriate. Aside from granting permissions to allow Users to perform actions within in the system, Roles can also be used to:

  • Determine their default notification settings.

  • Determine their default Board that they would land on upon logging into the system.

  • Determine their ability to create certain Items.

  • Determine their ability to access certain Boards.

  • Determine their ability to Subscribe to Boards.

  • Determine their ability to approve Milestones.

  • Determine their ability to grant other Roles to Users.

  • Determine their ability to edit Weighted Scores.

NOTE: If a User has multiple Roles, their default notification settings will be the superset of the associated permissions and notification preferences of all those Roles. These settings can be customized for individual users.


For additional information on Roles, check out the following support pages:


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