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Customizing a Board's appearance



How can I customize a Board's appearance?

  • Adjust a Card's height.

  • Change the Board's layout - specifically, the number and width of its columns. 

How do I change the Board's layout?

In the create or edit Board window, edit the "Layout" field. You have seven options for how your Board will be arranged:

  • One column - The single column will take up the whole window.

  • Two columns (1/2, 1/2) - Each column will take up half the window.

  • Two columns (1/3, 2/3) - The left column will only take up one-third of the window; the right column will cover the remaining two-thirds.

  • Two columns (2/3, 1/3) - The left columns will take up two-thirds of the window; the left column will only cover the remaining one-third.

  • Three columns

  • Four columns

  • Five columns


How do I customize the height of a Card?

Open the Board containing the Card you want to edit:


  1. Click  on the Card you want to edit, then click 2017-02-20_1615.png.

  2. Adjust the value in the "Height" field to determine the height of the Card.


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