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Add Owners to public Boards

The following people can edit a public Board:

  • A user with a Board Administrator permission.

  • A person who has been added as an Owner for that Board.


What can a Board's Owners do?

Owners can add and edit existing Cards on the Board. They cannot edit the Board's own information - its layout, nesting status, viewers, or Owners.


How do I add additional Owners to my Board?

Whether you are creating a new Board or editing an existing Board: 

  • Check "Make Public."

  • In the "Owner(s)" field, add users that you would like to make Owners for the Board.

    In order for the selected user(s) to be able to edit the Board, they must have permission to view it. If you have not restricted the Board’s viewers, this will not be a problem. If you have restricted access to the Board, make sure that the selected Owner is included in the "Restrict Viewers" field.


To remove a user’s permission to edit the Board, hover over their name so that it is highlighted blue and click .


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