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Editing a Board

Who can edit an existing Board?

For public Boards:

  • The Board's creator can edit all aspects of the Board - its title, viewers, editors, and Cards.

  • A user with a Board Administrator permission can edit all aspects of the Board - its title, viewers, editors, and Cards.

  • A person without that permission who has been added as an Owner for the specific Board can only add Cards to it. They cannot edit the title, viewers, Owners, or existing Cards. 

For private Boards:

  • Only the Board's creator can see and edit it.


How do I edit an existing Board?

Open the Board:

  • Click .

In the resulting window, you can:

  • Edit the title.

  • Edit the description. The description appears when users hover over the Board's name in the Board picker.

  • Change the layout:

    • One column

    • Two columns (1/2, 1/2) - Each column will take up half the window.

    • Two columns (1/3, 2/3) - The left column will only take up one-third of the window; the right column will cover the remaining two-thirds.

    • Two columns (2/3, 1/3) - The left columns will take up two-thirds of the window; the left column will only cover the remaining one-third.

    • Three columns

    • Four columns

    • Five columns

  • Change the Board's rank. The rank helps determine the order in which Boards appear in the Board picker.

    Private Boards are at the top of the list and public Boards at the bottom.

    Within those subsets, Boards with a lower rank (e.g. 1) will be towards the top and those with higher ranks (e.g. 10) will be towards the bottom.

    If multiple Boards share the same rank, they appear in alphabetical order relative to each other.

  • Change the Board's public/private status. Check  to make the Board accessible to other users; leave it unchecked if you want to be the only person who can access it.


If the Board is public, you can edit the information in the following fields:

  • Nest Under: Public Boards can be nested in a folder structure. Select the Board under which you would like to nest this Board, or leave this field blank if this should be a top level Board.

  • Restrict Viewing to: Public Boards are visible to the entire organization unless you restrict their visibility. To limit the visibility of this Board to specific people or Network Locations, enter them in this field.

    Pro Tip: If you are editing the visibility of a public Board that you did not create, be sure to include yourself on this list. If you do not, you will be unable to access the Board in the future.

  • Owner(s): Public Boards are editable by their creator, Board administrators and people that you add to this field.
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