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What are Tasks?

Tasks can be added to Improvements and Projects. These are usually simple to-dos and can be assigned to anyone, not just members of the Improvement or Project's team. For example, if the Improvement is to replace the printers in your office, a Task may be to look up where you can dispose of the old printers.

  • Origins: Anyone on the parent Improvement or Project's team or who has permission to edit the Improvement or Project can create a Task. However, you can only assign a Task to someone to whom you can assign an Improvement. If you cannot assign someone a Task, you can request their help with it. If you request someone’s help with a Task, they will need to accept that Task before it will be officially assigned to them.

  • Content: A Task is made up of various fields and Attributes determined by your organization.

  • Team: In a Task, the team consists of the Task's Author(s), Assigner, Assignee, Collaborator(s), and/or Follower(s).

  • Reports: There are no metrics associated with a Task.


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