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Assign a Task

To whom can I assign a Task?

The general rule is that you can assign a Task to anyone to whom you can assign an Improvement. That person will be notified that you have assigned them a Task.

You can request the help of anyone in your organization. That person will be notified that you have requested their help, and will be prompted to accept or decline your request. If they decline, they will have to give a reason why.


How do I assign a Task?


  • Click  in the action bar.


In the resulting window:

  • Click in the "Assign To" field and begin typing the name of the user to whom you want to assign this Task. A drop-down menu will appear from which you can select the user.

    If you don't have permission to assign the Task to that user, you will only be able to request their assistance.

  • Select a start date and a due date.

  • Leave a comment to the assignee.

  • Change the Assigned By if, for example, you're assigning the Task on a leader's behalf.

  • Click "Assign" to assign the Task and notify the Assignee.


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