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Transfer an Improvement

KaiNexus identifies where an Improvement took place. This Location is typically determined by the Network Location of the Responsible Person. If you want to change the item’s Location(s), you can transfer it.

You may want to transfer an Improvement if, for example, the Responsible Person is in a different department than where the Improvement actually took place.


Who can transfer an Improvement?

  • The Assigner

  • Anyone with the "Assign" permission for Improvements in that Location

  • If the Improvement is nested under a Project, the Project's Facilitators, Leaders, and/or Sponsors. If the Improvement is nested under a Chart, the Chart's Authors.


What happens when I transfer an Improvement?

  • The Location(s) it is transferred from is removed from the list of Responsible Locations and the Location(s) it is being moved to are added to the Responsible Location.

  • Anyone who has configured their notification preferences to be notified when Improvements in this Location are transferred will be alerted.

  • An activity log entry about the transfer will be added to the Improvement's timeline.

NOTE: You can decide whether the Improvement should be reverted to the "new" status and whether the Responsible Person removed from the Improvement.


How do I transfer an Improvement?

Open the Improvement you want to transfer, then: 

  • Click 2017-10-06_1631.png in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click 2017-10-06_1643.png in the resulting drop-down menu.



In the resulting window:

  • Enter a reason for the transfer.

  • Enter the new Locations responsible for this Improvement in the "Responsible Location(s)" field.

  • If you want to remove the Responsible Person from this Improvement and return it to the "new" status, check the box next to "Make New and Clear Responsible."

    If you do not check this box, the status and Responsible Person will remain unchanged.

  • Click 2018-04-20_1644.png.


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