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Create a completed Improvement

Your organization may have created an Improvement type that you can use to submit an Improvement that has already been resolved - you'll be able to resolve it directly from the "Create Improvement" window.

You'll need to know which Improvement type, if any, has this option enabled before you can proceed. 


How do I resolve certain types of improvements directly from the "Create" screen?

First, click 2017-08-17_1557.png at the top of the screen.

Each of your organization’s idea types will be listed in the resulting drop-down menu, with Tasks signified with 2017-08-18_1602.png, Improvements with 2017-08-18_1602_001.png and Projects with 2017-08-18_1602_002.png. Choose the type of Improvement you would like to create and click it.

In the resulting window:

  • Fill out the Improvement's information as you normally would.

  • When you're finished, click .

  • If there are multiple Locations involved, you will be asked which one(s) you would like have notified that the Improvement was submitted. NOTE: At least one Location must be selected for notification.

  • Click 2017-08-21_1639.png.

  • Resolve the Improvement as you normally would.

  • When you're satisfied with the Resolution, click .

  • Choose who you would like to notify, and how you would like them to be notified (daily digest or immediate email). NOTE: Depending on your organization’s settings, this step may not be necessary.

  • Click 2017-08-21_1643.png.


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