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Error: Invalid username or password

A screenshot of the KaiNexus login page. A warning message written in dark red font on a light red background is at the top of the page. It reads 'Invalid username or password.

If you see this error message after trying to log into KaiNexus, you either:

  • Don’t have an account

  • Have an account but entered the wrong username or password

  • Have an account, but have not yet activated it and set your password. 


Regardless, your next step is to click "Can't access your account."

A screenshot of the KaiNexus login page. A blue arrow is pointing to the 'Can't access your account?' option beneath the username and password entry form.

In the resulting window, pick the option that best suits your situation:

  • If you don’t have an account: If you have not been added to KaiNexus by a leader in your organization, click "Request Account." You'll be prompted to fill out some information about yourself. When you're done, the person or people in charge of creating new accounts will be notified that you've requested to be added.

  • If you have not activated your account: If you've never logged into KaiNexus before, you’ll need to activate your account. Click "Activate Account via Email" and enter your username or email address. KaiNexus will then send you an email containing a link to activate your account and set your password.

  • If you forgot your password: Click "Reset Password via Email" and enter your username or email address. If you don’t know your username, enter your email address.

  • If you forgot your username or otherwise can't log in: Click either "Contact Account Support" (an email will be sent to your organization’s support team) or "Contact KaiNexus" (an email will be sent to the KaiNexus support team).


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