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The interaction between Roles and Projects

Who can see my Project?

  • If a Project is Public, it can be seen by anyone in the organization.

  • If it is Private, it can only be seen by the people on its team or who have the "View Private" permissions for Projects in that Location.


What can I do with a Project?

Everyone with access to a Project can perform basic actions such as commenting or exporting the Project.

Beyond those basic actions, there are two factors that determine what you can and can’t do with a Project.

1) What is your relationship to the Project?


2) Do you have Roles with special Project permissions?

  • View
    Permission to view other users’ public Projects within the selected Location(s).

  • View Private
    Permission to view other users' private Projects within the selected Location(s).

  • Project Administrator:
    Project Administrators essentially can do any action a Facilitator can to any Project in the location determined by the Role.

  • Comment Administrator
    If you can edit a Project, you can also edit or delete other people's comments on it.

    NOTE: A person who can edit the item can always edit or delete their own comments, even without this permission.

  • Timeline Administrator
    If you can edit a Project, you can delete its timeline entries.


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