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Project links

Using links

How do I open a link?

  • If the link is to a website:

    • Click the link in the links section. The website will open in your default browser.

  • If the link is to a document in a shared drive or on your computer:

    • Mozilla Firefox

    • Google Chrome

    • Internet Explorer

      • Open Internet Explorer’s “Internet Options” menu.

      • Go to the “Security” tab.

      • Uncheck “Enable Protected Mode.”

      • Click “Sites.”

      • Add your organization’s KaiNexus url (it’s something like myorg.kainexus.com) to the list of trusted sites and close this window.

      • Click “Apply” to keep your changes.

      • Go to the “Advanced” tab.

      • Scroll down to the “Security” section and check “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer.”

      • Restart your computer.

      • Click the link you want to open.


Managing links

Why would I want to attach a link to a Project?

  1. Link to a document in Google Drive so that members of your team can access and edit it in real time. 

    Pro Tip: This is a great way to store documents that are constantly updated. Rather than having to delete and reupload the document as an attachment each time it's updated, you can simply add a link to it so that people can check out the changes as they're made.

  2. Link to external resources in order to protect confidential information. Share links to large files rather than attaching and downloading them.

    Pro Tip: This is a great way to share documents stored in a shared drive - anyone who has access will be able to copy the link and open the document, but people without the right permissions won't be able to access a confidential or private file.

    To get a link to a file, open your file explorer and locate the file.
    • Right click on its name.

    • Click "Properties."

    • Open the "Security" tab.

    • Highlight and copy the "Object name." This is the link to the file.

Who can add, edit, or delete a link from a Project?

Any KaiNexus user who is involved with the Project can add, edit, and delete its links.

This includes:


How do I add a link to a Project?

Open the Project, then:

  1. Click  in the action bar.

  2. Click .


  1. Click  in the Links section.


In the resulting window:

  • Enter a name for the link

  • Enter the link.


How do I edit a link?

  1. Click  at the top of the Links section.

  2. Click  next to the link you want to edit. NOTE: This button will not appear until you complete step 1.

In the resulting window:

  • Edit the link's name.

  • Edit the link's address.

  • Click "Save."


How do I delete a link?

  • Click  at the top of the Links section.

  • Click  next to the link you want to delete.


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