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Private Improvements

Only the people participating in a private Improvement or those people with the “Private Administrator” permission are able to see it. Those people who do not meet either of those requirements will be unable to:

  • See the title and description

  • View its data and charts

  • Access its links and attachments

  • See any other details about the Improvement

This keeps any privileged information from becoming general knowledge, while still allowing it to be entered into KaiNexus.

A private Improvement’s impacts are recorded in the organization’s metrics, but uninvolved people will not be able to access the Improvement from any Reports. The Improvement will also be counted towards the total number of Improvements in the organization (or in its Parent Project, if there is one) but, again, it cannot be seen or accessed by non-Team members through any lists.

NOTE: Because private Improvements are, well, private, neither your organization’s administrators nor KaiNexus Support will be able to help you with them unless they are added to the Improvement’s team.


How do I make an Improvement private?

When editing or creating an Improvement, check the box next to "Make Private."  NOTE: Only users with the “Toggle Private” permission as part of one or more of their Roles will see this option.


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