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Deleting an Improvement

Should I delete an Improvement?

If you determine that an Improvement will not result in a change, your first instinct may be to simply delete it. However, if the Improvement was meaningful despite resulting in no change, it is prudent to retain that information. Otherwise, what’s to stop another employee down the line presenting the same idea, not realizing that they are merely duplicating a previous effort, and forcing the same analysis to be redone?

You should delete an Improvement if (and only if) it mistakenly included confidential information or is deemed otherwise inappropriate or offensive.


Who can delete an Improvement?

Only users assigned a Role containing the "Delete" permission can delete an Improvement.


Who is notified if I delete an Improvement?

An email is sent to the team members, including the:

An email is also sent to anyone who has set up their notification preferences to include being notified about deleted Improvements in that level of the organization. 


How do I delete an Improvement?

Open the Improvement you want to delete, then:

  • Click 2017-10-03_1444.png in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click 2017-10-06_1703.png in the resulting drop-down menu. 


In the resulting window:

  • Enter a reason for deleting the Improvement.

  • Check the box next to "I understand that this can not be undone" to signify that you understand that this is a permanent action.

  • Click .


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