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Project comments

Who can comment on a Project?

Any KaiNexus user who can see the Project can comment on it. Comments are noted in the digest email and people can elect to immediately send them to select users.


Why comment on Projects?

There are tons of reasons to comment on a Project, including:

  • Recording updates

  • Asking questions

  • Giving answers

Information can easily be lost if transferred through unrecorded means like phone calls, sticky notes, and emails. And if you wait for meetings to ask your questions, work is put on hold for days.

Using the KaiNexus comment system keeps your information well-organized, and ensures a prompt response.


How do I comment on a Project?

Open the Project, then either:

  • Click  in the top action bar.

    The cursor will automatically go to the comment entry field. This saves you the time of looking for the correct field – you can just start typing.


  • Quickly find the Comments section by clicking the Comments tab.

  • Find the Comments section by scrolling down the main tab.

We’ve added markdown formatting to comments, so you can now fully customize your comments’ appearance.

When you’re done typing your comment:

  • Check  and enter the names of everyone you want to send this comment to right away rather than waiting for them to receive their digest.

  • Click  to the right of the comment field to enter your comment.


Who can edit a comment?

People who can edit the Project can edit its comments. 


How to I edit a comment?

First, navigate to the comments section of the Project (as described above). Then:


  1. Hover over the comment you want to edit so that it is highlighted blue.

  2. Click  to the right of the comment.

In the resulting window:

  1. Edit the comment.

  2. Check  and enter the names of everyone you want to send this comment to right away.

  3. Click "Ok" to save your changes.


How do I delete a comment?

To delete the comment:

  • Hover over it so that it is highlighted blue.

  • Click .

  • Click "Yes" to confirm this action, and the comment will be deleted. NOTE: This can not be undone.


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