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Escalate an Improvement

In KaiNexus, we have a feature that allows certain people associated with an Improvement to escalate it. This can be used in a couple different scenarios:

  • As a way to notify people of a critical issue.

  • As a way to ask for help.

  • As a way to remind people of an Improvement that is not being acted upon quickly enough.


Here are a few examples of when someone may want to escalate an Improvement:

  • You submitted an Improvement and it was never assigned. Escalating the Improvement will remind the person responsible for assigning it to take action.

  • You're responsible for assigning the Improvement but aren't sure you're the right person to do so. Escalating it will notify the people who assign your Improvements that you need help.

  • You assigned an Improvement but think it best to increase the visibility of the Improvement within the organization.

You're required to enter a reason for the escalation, which gives you a chance to explain why you wanted your leaders' input or attention.


What happens when I escalate an Improvement?

When escalating an Improvement, the following things occur:

  • The person or people who would normally be immediately notified when you submit an Improvement will be notified. That includes:

    • The person or people who are typically responsible for assigning Improvements that you submit will be notified of the escalation via an escalation email.

    • Anyone who has an opt-in notification preference set to be informed about new Improvements in your Location will receive the notification via an alert and/or an email based on their notification preferences.

  • An entry noting the escalation will be added to the Timeline.

Pro Tip: Who won't be notified?

  • Anyone else who is a member of the Improvement's Team.

  • Leaders above the people that are notified of the escalation - meaning, escalation triggers notifications only one "level" up. For it to go more than one level, leaders in the next level would need to escalate the Improvement again themselves.


Who can escalate an Improvement?

Only people who can edit or assign the Improvement can escalate it. That includes the:


How do I escalate an Improvement?

Open the Improvement you want to escalate, then:

  • Click 2017-10-06_1631.png in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click 2017-10-06_1645.png in the resulting drop-down menu.



In the resulting window:

  • Enter a reason for escalating the Improvement in the "Reason for Escalation" field.

  • Click 2017-08-09_1631.png.

A message containing the list of people notified about the escalation will then be displayed.


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