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Review Resolution

Why am I being prompted to review an Improvement’s Resolution?

KaiNexus requires you to review a Resolution if:

  • The Improvement was submitted with  checked,

  • And you were the Assigner.


How do I know if I need to review a Resolution?

  1. KaiNexus will send you an email telling you so.

  2. There will be an alert on your Notification Screen.

  3. The Improvement will be in the  status.

  4. The Improvement will also have an alert displayed below its title:


How do I review a Resolution?

To review a resolution, click either:

  •  at the top of the window.


  •  in the action bar.


In the resulting you window, you can:

  • See the entered resolution and make any changes you see fit.

  • Click  to save your changes and come back to this resolution later.

  • Click  to accept this resolution in its current state and resolve the Improvement.

  • Click        


There are a few more steps if you've decided to decline the Resolution.


After clicking :

Enter a reason for declining the resolution.

  • This will tell the Responsible person what they need to change or improve about their work on this Improvement so that their next attempt at resolving it will be successful.

  • Click  to finalize your decision.


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