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Alert terms

Notifications – Notifications tell you when something has happened on an Improvement, Project, or Task of which you need to be made aware. Notifications are customizable, meaning that people are only notified about what they need to know or about that which they've requested to be notified about.

Notifications come in three varieties:

  •  2017-08-09_1204_002.png Yours

    These are notifications that you received due to your association with the item - i.e. those for which you’re on the team. Additionally, any new items about which you've requested to be notified will be listed as "Yours," regardless of whether or not you're on the team.

  • 2017-08-09_1205.png Opt-in

    These are notifications you received due to a notification preference that was either configured by you or as part of one of your Roles.

  • 2017-08-09_1204.png Comments and updates

    These are comments and timeline updates made since the last time you viewed an item. It's a great way to skim Improvements and Projects for new updates. The Blue dots will disappear once you view the Improvement, Projects, or Task.

    NOTE: If you've never viewed an item, updates won't be marked with a 2017-08-09_1204_001.png.


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