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Task timelines

What is the timeline?

The timeline is an audit trail keeping track of every significant event that happens to a Task. It allows you to see who did what to a Task and when they did it.


How do I access the timeline?

After you find and select the Task, navigate to the Timeline by scrolling down in the main tab, or clicking on the Timeline tab.


What can I learn from the timeline?

  • An entry will be marked with a  if that entry is new. This helps you spot the recent updates quickly.

  • If you want to see more entries, click "Show All" at the bottom of the timeline. To see only the recent entries, click "Show Less."

  • When you see an underlined item on the timeline, hover over it to reveal more detailed information.  


Who can delete a timeline entry?

To delete an entry from the timeline, a person must have permission to edit the item AND have the "Timeline Administrator" permission.


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