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A Role's default notification settings

To get to this page, navigate to the Admin page by clicking  on the left sidebar menu, look under the Organization heading, and click "Roles." The admin page is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.


How do I change a Role’s notification settings?

Each Role can be given notification preferences which will become the default preferences of each user assigned the Role. These notification preferences control about which changes to Improvements or Projects a user is notified.

NOTE: The default notification preferences of users with multiple Roles will be a superset of those Roles' preferences. 

To change a Role's notification settings:

  • Hover over the Role so that it's highlighted blue.


  • Click  to the right.

In the resulting window:

  • Click  to clear the list of customized preferences so that you can start over from scratch.

  • Edit any preference by clicking  to its right. 

  • Delete a preference entirely by clicking  to its right.

  • Click  to create a new notification preference.


In the new notification preference window:

  • You will first be asked to choose whether you want this notification preference to be about Projects, Tasks, or Improvements.

  • You will then be prompted to choose a status. For example, you can choose to be notified about Improvements that are new, overdue, become active, etc.


  • Check the box next to "Include Projects" to include Improvements that are part of a Project. Uncheck this box to only include stand-alone Projects.


  • Location:

    • Everywhere

      Users will be notified about Improvements in every Location of the organization.

      This is best for executives or improvement leaders who need to monitor and lead improvement work throughout the entire organization.

    • User’s Location & Below

      Users will be notified about Improvements in their own Location(s), as well as the Locations under it.

      This is best for users who need to monitor and lead improvement in their area and below, but not at levels above their own or in another branch of the organization's hierarchy.

    • User’s Location Only 

      Users will be notified about Improvements in their own Location(s).

      This is best for users who only need to monitor and lead work done in their own unit or Location.


  • When:
    NOTE: Only new, overdue, and resolution submitted Improvements ask for when you want to be notified.

    • Immediately

      You will be notified right away.

    • Delayed

      You will be notified after a set number of days have passed.

    • Check the box next to "Remind each week" to be notified about this event every week until it is addressed. This keeps information from falling through the cracks.


  • How:

    • Alert Only

      An alert is added to the Improvement, marking it for your attention.

    • Alert + Email

      An alert is added to the Improvement and you will receive an email containing information about this event.


  • Advanced:
    NOTE: The only status for which you will be given advanced options is completed Improvements.

    • Impact Types

      Choose about which impact types you want to be informed.

    • No Change Reasons

      Choose about which No Change reasons you want to be informed.

    • Third Option Reasons

      Choose about which of your organization's Third Option Reasons you want to be informed. If your organization doesn't have any Third Option Reasons in place, you will not see this option.


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