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Add comments to an Improvement

Who can add a comment to an Improvement?

Any KaiNexus user who can access an Improvement can comment on it to log updates and communicate with other users. New comments are noted in the digest email of everyone else on the Improvement's team.


How do I comment on an Improvement?

Open the Improvement on which you want to comment.

There are three ways you can get to the "Comments" area to add a new comment:


  • Click 2017-08-09_1511.png in the action bar

    By clicking this button, the cursor will automatically go to the comment entry field. This saves you the time of looking for the right field – you can just start typing.


  • Quickly find the "Comments" section by clicking the "Comments" tab.


  • Scroll down in the main tab until you see the "Comments" section.

All the comments currently attached to this Improvement will be displayed and you can put your comment into the entry field.

We’ve added markdown formatting to comments, so you can now fully customize your comments’ appearance.

When you’re done typing your comment:

  • If you want to send this comment directly to any particular people, check the box next to "Email Now?" and enter the names of everyone you want to send this comment to right away.

    If you do not check this box, this Improvement's team will be notified of your comment in their next digest email, but no one else will be notified.

  • To enter your comment, click  to the right of the entry field.


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