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Submit new Items via email

NOTE: Email submission must be enabled for your Template before you can submit new Items of that type via email. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.


Submitting an Item via email enables you to quickly create new Items without having to log in to KaiNexus. It also allows you to submit Items to KaiNexus using a smartphone or any other email-capable device. You can enable this feature for as many Template Types as you need to within your system. For example, if you have both an “Idea” Template and a “Task” Template in your system, you have the option of allowing both of these Template Types to be available for email submission.


The email must come from the email address that is associated with your KaiNexus User Profile. For example, if the email in your KaiNexus account is adam@xyzcorp.com, you must send the email from that email address. Otherwise, KaiNexus won’t know who you are or where to route your submission.

NOTE: The email address from which you submit your Item must be associated with only one KaiNexus account or else you will receive an error message and it will not be submitted.


How do I submit items via email?

NOTE: You will receive an email response letting you know whether or not your submission was successful.


Create an email with the following attributes:


To: improvement@kainexus.com


From: Your email address registered with your KaiNexus Account.


CC: List any additional email address associated with exactly one KaiNexus User to add that User to your new Item as a Follower. 


Subject: Template Name: xxxxxx

NOTE: The Template Name: will be how you determine which Template Type of the newly submitted Item. The text following the colon will become the title of your new Item.

For example, Idea: This is the Title for my new email submitted Idea!


Body: The body of your email will be the description of your Item.


Attach a file just like you’d normally attach a file to an email and it will appear on your Item in KaiNexus.


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