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Why have I been requested to work on a Task?

You were requested to work on a Task because someone would like to have your help on either an Improvement or a Project.



Why wasn’t the Task simply assigned to me?

If someone in the organization would like your help, but they don't have the right permissions to assign work to you, they can only request your help. 


How do I know if someone has requested that I work on a Task?

  1. You’ll be notified via email.

  2. There will be an alert on the Task itself.

  3. The alert will be included on your notifications screen - click  to see this screen. 


How do I accept or decline the Task?
Open the Task, then:


  • Click "Accept" in the alert shown above to accept responsibility for the Task. Click "Decline" if you don't want to work on it - you'll be required to enter a reason for declining it. 


  • Click  or  in the action bar. 


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