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Task List View

When looking at a list of Tasks, the default view is called the Detail View; it allows you to quickly see important information about each Improvement.


If you want to get a list of all the Tasks' information, use the List View.


To access the List View:

  • Open any list of Tasks.

  • Click  next to the search bar.

  • Click  to open the list view.


Navigation the Task List View

The list of Tasks - Every Task that meets the criteria for your filters (see below for more information) is listed on this screen.

Information about almost every aspect of each Task is listed here, including the:

    1. ID – This is the Task’s unique identification number.

    2. Title – The Task’s title.

    3. Parent - The parent (Improvement or Project) that the Task is a part of.

    4. Status – This field automatically updates to display the current status of the Improvement.

    5. Author – The people who originally came up with this Task.

    6. Assignee – The person to whom this Task is assigned.

    7. Start – The date on which this Task was scheduled to begin.

    8. Due – The Task’s due date. If the date is getting close, this date will be displayed in yellow. If Task is passed due, this date will be displayed in red.

    9. Completed – The Task’s completed date. If the Task is still active, this field will be empty.

    10. Last updated – The date on which the Task was last updated.

The quick filter - The quick filter is the blue bar at the top of the list of Improvements that, by default, reads “My Improvements - All.” Click this bar to open a drop-down menu of various common filters.

You can choose between:

    • My Tasks- all Tasks with which you’re affiliated.

    • My Organization - all Tasks in the organization.

    • My Location - all Tasks affiliated with your Network Location(s).

    • My Lists - any custom filtered lists you’ve created and saved previously.

Hovering over any of those options will open a secondary drop-down menu, which you can use to further filter by:

    • Status of the Tasks.

    • Your relationship to the Tasks.

Filters - Click  to further filter the list of Tasks. For more information on how to use the filters, check out this support page.

Revert to the Detail View by clicking .

Export - Click  to export the list of Tasks. You can specify whether you want to export the list as a PDF document or as an Excel spreadsheet. 

Decide which columns to show - Hover over any column heading and click . Then click  and select or deselect your desired columns from the resulting drop-down menu.


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