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Add a Project to a Project - Nested Projects

Sometimes when you’re working on a Project, smaller spin-off Projects arise. In these instances, you need to be able to:

  • View key information about the larger overarching Project.

  • View key information about each spin-off Project

  • View the cumulative information about them all.

Nested Projects can help.


Who can nest a Project?

The following people can nest a Project using either of the methods described below:


How do I nest a Project?

1) When creating a new Project:


  • Enter the name of the Project under which you want to nest this Project in the "Add to project" field.


2) Edit an existing Project:


  • Open the Project.

  • Enter the name of the project under which you want to nest this Project in the "Add to project field.

    You can change this field when you want to remove a Project from a Project - clear the field and the Project will become independent; replace the original Project's name with a new one and the Project will be removed from the original and added to the new one.

3) Add a Project from the parent Project's page:


Open the Project page.

  • Open the "Projects" tab.

  • Click .

In the resulting window:

  • Click "Create" and create a new Project as you normally would. The "Add to Project" field will already be filled in with the name of the parent Project.


  • Enter the name of the Project to which you want to add this Improvement in the "Choose Existing" field. You can add multiple names in this field to add multiple Projects at once.


How can I view nested Projects?

Open the Project's page. To see the Projects nested under it:

  • Click the "Projects" tab.

  • For information on how to filter the list of nested Projects, check out this support page.
  • Click on any Project on this list to open its page for more information.

  • Click on the status bar to open a list of the nested Projects with that status.

To change the view of this list:

  • Click  to switch to the tree view which shows the hierarchy of the nested Projects.

    In this view, if you don't have permission to view a Project, but you do have permission to view Projects nested under it, you will only see it listed as “Private” - you will not see its status, start date, or end date, or be able to open it.

  • Click  to switch back to the list view which shows more information about the nested Projects.

  • Click  to open a window with the detail view of this list of Projects.


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