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Project dates

Where are important dates listed for each Project?


When you open a Project, you can find its key dates on the right side of the page directly under the Team section.


Who can edit the dates?


How do I change one of those dates?

If a date can be manually edited and you have the appropriate permissions and roles to change that date, you will see a  displayed next to it.

Click on that icon. In the resulting window:

  • Type the new date in the date field.


  • Click  to open the calendar. Either choose the correct date or click "Today" to change the value to today's date.


What dates should I know for each Project?

The dates you see are dependent on the status of the Project.

  1. Created on:  The date on which the Project was originally submitted. This date cannot be changed. 

  2. Start on: When the Project is/was scheduled to begin. Only Quality Administrators can change this date once the Project is complete.

  3. Due on: When the Project is scheduled to end. This date can be changed unless the Project is complete.

    A week before the Project is scheduled to end, this date will be highlighted in yellow. 

    If this date passes and the Project is still active, the date will turn red.

  4. Completed on: When the Project was completed. This date can only be changed by Quality Administrators.

    NOTE: Changing the completion date to a future date will not automatically reopen the Project.

  5. Last updated: When the most recent updates were made to the Project. This date cannot be changed.


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