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User profile metrics

You can see Improvement, Incidents, Projects, Charts, and Tasks an individual is working on, as well as their individual metrics from the user profile.


How do I access this feature?


From any user's profile page, just click .


Navigating the tabs

Click any of the tabs at the top of the page to see the corresponding information:

  • "Improvements" - A list of all Improvements with which the user is affiliated.

  • "Incidents" - A list of all Incidents with which the user is affiliated. NOTE: The Incident Add-On must be enabled for your organization.

  • "Projects" - A list of all Project with which the user is affiliated.

  • "Tasks" - A list of all Tasks with which the user is affiliated.

  • "Charts" - A list of all Charts with which the user is affiliated.

  • "Metrics" - A summary of their metrics or impact. 


The Metrics tab

The Metrics tab shows the Cost Savings, Revenue Generation, and Time Savings for all improvement work. You can toggle the Author, Responsible, Assigner, and Collaborator buttons to control what data is displayed based on the user's role on those Improvements. You can also change the date range for which the data is filtered

It also displays the number of Improvements which resulted in a change versus those that resulted in no change.

This is a useful metric because if a user is submitting lots of Improvement which result in No Change, they might need coaching to make sure they understand what continuous improvement is and what things would make good suggestions.

Or if they're assigning lots of Improvements resolved as “No Change," they may need coaching on working towards yes so that they don’t simply discard “bad” ideas.


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