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Honor Roll

Leaders in KaiNexus who have a Role containing the "Honor Roll" permission can award Honor Roll status for Improvements in areas of the organization specified by that Role.

These leaders utilize the Honor Roll system to identify outstanding Improvements, flag them for future reference, and to recognize staff for their exemplary contribution.  It is thought that approximately 5-10% of Improvements will be given an Honor Roll status.


How do I know if an Improvement has an Honor Roll status?

Any Improvement with Honor Roll status can be identified by a  next to its title. 


How do I give an Improvement the Honor Roll status?

Open the Improvement:

  1. Click  in the action bar.

  2. Click  at the bottom of the edit window. A yellow star -  - indicates that the Improvement has been granted the Honor Roll status.

  3. Click "Save."

An alert will be added to the Improvement for members of its Team and a notice will be included in their digest emails.


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