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January 14, 2016 Release Notes

Complete Release Notes

  • The Deferred status now has a required review date, and it can no longer have an activate date, due date, or Responsible Person.
  • Not selecting a due date on the Plan window will no longer clear the due date.
  • The warning message shown when attempting to delete an Improvement or Project was expanded.
  • The breadcrumb trails in the Admin section were updated.
  • A description column was added to the lists of Attribute Types, Attributes, Titles, Position, Certifications, Employee Types, and Time Savings People located in the Admin section.
  • Dotted lines now indicate fields with hover-overable descriptions.
  • A bug was fixed in which the Project field was not retained on Improvement filters.
  • The required status of certain fields in Edit windows is now more strongly enforced.
  • The formatting of Attribute drop-down menus was improved.


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